Edaris Health LogoEdaris Health (formerly Forerun) was a healthcare technology leader providing SaaS solutions that enable clinicians to better serve patients who are seeking unscheduled and flexible access to care while meeting or exceeding quality standards.
As Edaris Health was completing its first successful deployment of what was known as the Forerun-ED, the company engaged J2 to perform code analysis and troubleshooting on the various Ensemble interfaces (now Health Connect) that integrate the Forerun-ED to the hospital’s ADT, laboratory, radiology, and pharmaceutical information systems.

In the years since that initial engagement, Edaris Health continued to rely on J2 to provide integration services for over a dozen different customer sites. J2’s work helped Edaris Health establish a predictable, low-cost model for bringing new sites live. J2 also played a role in enhancing and extending the capabilities of their application, most notably an online dictation/transcription feature for clinicians.