Online Marketplace Built by J2 Completes Its Second Million-Dollar Sale

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, March 30,, one of the industry’s leading online auction/consignment sites, has sold the #1 highest-rated copy of the world’s #1 comic book—Action Comics #1, which marks Superman’s 1938 debut—for a whopping $1,500,000. This follows on the heels of last month’s unprecedented sale of the first ever million-dollar comic, another rare copy of Action Comics #1, also sold by

The web site, built by J2 Interactive for parent company Metropolis Collectibles and launched in 2007, provides an online marketplace for buyers and sellers of rare comic books and original art. Features include fixed-price and auction sales, easy-to-use selling tools, automated want-list matching, and email alerts. Highly sought-after books listed on the site regularly fetch tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

But a million-dollar comic book had been unheard of before ComicConnect brokered not one, but two such sales in the space of about a month. “Now comic books have entered the realm inhabited by fine art, rare wines, one-of-a-kind jewels, and the like,” said ComicConnect co-founder Vincent Zurzolo.

The record-breaking sale has generated significant attention in the national media, and is expected to raise interest in the hobby among the broader community of collectors and investors.

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