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Settings Framework

A Single Pane of Glass for Managing Complex InterSystems Deployments

Enterprise-Wide Oversight of IRIS and HealthShare Configuration Settings

Large-scale implementations of InterSystems technology often involve dozens of environments, each with its own set of complex configuration settings spread across a wide array of administrative screens and menus. It’s easy for these settings to get out of sync among various instances, creating problems that aren’t discovered until they impact production systems. The result is increased sustainment cost and an unacceptable level of risk to healthcare workflows and patient outcomes.

The J2 Settings Framework addresses this problem by bringing all of your HealthShare and IRIS settings together in a unified, configuration-as-code representation.

It provides your team with a simple administrative dashboard that enables centralized change management and source control, monitoring and alerting of configuration changes, and one-click deployment of approved changes across the enterprise.

Settings Framework Map

Peace of Mind for Administrators, Developers, and Managers

Key Settings Framework Benefits

  • Eliminate configuration inconsistencies.
    Harmonize settings across the network to enforce best practices and dramatically reduce risk.
  • Manage your settings in one place.
    Analyze and update the current configuration of any server in your network to pinpoint and correct errors and inefficiencies.
  • Simplify and derisk deployments.
    Instantly propagate approved configuration changes across the enterprise without worrying that a server was missed.
  • Treat your configuration like code.
    Easily integrate with source control solutions to audit changes over time and revert to previous settings when needed.
  • Monitor changes in real time.
    Receive instant notifications about configuration changes that allow for rapid intercession or reversion.
  • Scale your team faster.
    Create pre-set configuration profiles that significantly accelerate the onboarding process for new developers.
  • Improve operations and outcomes.
    Ensure systems uptime, optimize performance, and promote improved patient outcomes with centralized, consistent configuration management across the enterprise.

Better Tools For Your Team, Better Outcomes For Your Patients

With the J2 Settings Framework, your engineers will spend less time wrestling with configuration issues and chasing down errors, and more time innovating. That means greater overall system stability, vastly reduced risk of downtime or interrupted data flows, and more reliable decision-making at the point of care.

Your Configuration Command Center

The J2 Settings Framework provides a centralized user interface for monitoring and updating your settings, exporting them as XML, and pushing / applying them to other servers.

You can even specify conditional values for different server levels — for example, port 123 on Dev, port 456 on Stage, and port 789 on Prod — in a single setting that gets automatically applied correctly to each server.

Settings Framework Screenshots
A centralized dashboard lets you quickly spot the source of configuration errors and instantly deploy the correct settings to fix them.

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