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Tim Wood

In this blog, we examine the benefits of a patient engagement strategy and discuss how to create a one in just five steps.
Salesforce is a game-changing platform for the healthcare industry, driving transformation in patient care and operational efficiency.
In this blog, we dig into the measurable financial benefits of implementing Salesforce Health Cloud for your your healthcare organization.
At a certain stage in their growth, medical device manufacturers & distributors consider investing in a CRM such as Salesforce. Here's why.
Healthcare organizations that have deployed Salesforce already have a platform for streamlining lab issue resolution.
A proper structural design of Salesforce Health Cloud makes it easier for users in hospitals and health systems to manage health networks.
Salesforce Health Cloud helps hospitals and health systems manage many aspects of global medical services operations and patient engagement.
Salesforce AppExchange includes a marketplace of healthcare and life sciences apps that extend the power of Salesforce Health Cloud. Here are some of them.
An ever-expanding universe of creative solutions are being delivered using Salesforce Health Cloud and Experience Cloud. Here's a sampling.
A proper structural design of Salesforce Health Cloud makes it easier for users in hospitals and health systems to manage health networks.
In this article, we'll first look at the benefits of home infusion services for patients. Then we'll look at the business of home infusion therapy and how operational management software from Salesforce helps infusion therapy service providers.
For medical device manufacturers that sell and service complex equipment, it has historically been challenging to get an accurate account of where all field device assets are currently located. In this post, we’ll look at how a connected field service app, along with QR (Quick Response) code scanning capability, addresses this challenge and makes the entire field service operation more efficient.
Learn why organizations with investments in data intelligence, digital engagement, & cost/network transparency are positioned to outperform their peers.
Medical device sales leaders can take advantage of both Sprint AI and Endurance AI solutions for Salesforce to increase revenue.
Learn how pain management device companies can attract and convert patients and how new patients can be onboarded and engaged.
Learn how technology can help with patient engagement and how patient engagement should be used to improve the patient experience.
Combining the information from clinical and non-clinical systems and using AI can result in better outcomes for high-risk patients.
Patient aftercare can be facilitated and improved using Omni-Channel, which is a component of Salesforce Service Cloud.
Spreadsheets are very useful and economical. However, when a spreadsheet is used as a substitute for a database, problems can occur.
There are both human and technological components to increasing patient engagement. Here's how technology can enable engagement strategies.