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Your Salesforce Partner for Healthcare & Life Sciences

Enhance your technology platforms. Create better patient experiences. Expand your reach.

Many healthcare and life sciences organizations have discovered that they cannot successfully adapt their legacy software applications and processes to meet current operational and patient requirements.

A growing number of organizations have adopted Salesforce Health Cloud to meet new requirements — but have not achieved the results they expected without the help of a team of healthcare IT specialists.

With over two decades of experience delivering solutions exclusively in the healthcare and life sciences industries, J2 Interactive’s consultants have helped design & configure industry-leading platforms like Salesforce Health Cloud to achieve operational and patient engagement goals.

As a committed member of the Salesforce partner community, J2 is singularly focused on customer success within health and life sciences.

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“We’re grateful for the impact J2 has had on our innovations initiatives leveraging Salesforce. J2 has a unique ability to combine expertise across multiple technology platforms with a deep understanding of the healthcare space.”
Peter Kung
System Vice President, Innovation & Virtual Health

Healthcare & Life Sciences Industry Experts

Providers, payers, and the companies who support them face challenges and requirements unlike those of any other industry. Very few Salesforce® consultants truly understand the business of healthcare and life sciences (HLS).
At the same time, every aspect of care delivery is becoming more consumer-focused. Patients have more choices, pushing every organization to communicate and deliver a unique value proposition in order to attract and retain customers.
J2 Interactive has been delivering innovative technology solutions for HLS clients since 2001, with a range of projects that spans the full set of Salesforce products and supporting technologies.

Through collaboration with our clients’ staff and by providing end user and administrative training, we give our clients what they need to become as self-sufficient as they want to be.

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Healthcare Focus

A Salesforce Consulting Partner, J2 has a team of over 275 technology consultants dedicated exclusively to building solutions for HLS clients.

Tangible Results

With J2, you can take Salesforce well beyond basic CRM to increase patient engagement, improve satisfaction, and drive better health outcomes.

Integration Expertise

We integrate Salesforce seamlessly with EHRs and other systems so that critical data is available at every patient or customer interaction.

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Healthcare Providers

There’s a growing gap between the patient population and the number of healthcare workers available to manage their cases. J2’s world-class solutions delivery team uses Salesforce to help providers narrow the healthcare gap by more effectively deploying their resources and engaging their patients.
  • Patient Engagement
  • Patient Access
  • Care Coordination
  • Referral & Intake Management
  • Case Management
  • Outreach Management
  • EHR & Systems Integration
  • Integrated Telehealth Services

Life Science Companies

Medical device, pharmaceutical, and biotech companies are facing increased regulatory burdens. Customer service expectations are higher than ever. The pressure to grow product and service sales is relentless. Companies across the life sciences spectrum need the right technology platforms and a qualified implementation partner to keep pace.
  • Sales and Forecasting
  • Inventory Management
  • Asset Tracking
  • Care Coordination
  • Prior Authorizations
  • Case Management & Field Service
  • Adherence Management
  • ERP & Legacy Systems Integration
  • Device Integration
  • Analytics and Reporting

Healthcare Payers

Payer organizations strive to understand their members, manage their cases efficiently, and promote wellness through guided health journeys. From traditional claims adjudication to subscriber health outreach, J2 helps payers leverage Salesforce to access data that is current, relevant, and actionable.
  • Benefits Authorization
  • Call Center Case Management
  • Provider Outreach
  • Video, Mobile & SMS Engagement
  • Member Health & Wellness
  • Population Risk Stratification
  • Customized Care Coordination & Member Journeys
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Get connected with J2 to find out how we can help your organization get the most out of Salesforce.

By specializing in healthcare and life sciences solutions for Salesforce, J2 Interactive’s consultants can focus solely on trends and technology in the health space. J2’s team members understand both the business of healthcare and the technology of healthcare.

We use this combined knowledge to develop creative end-to-end solutions that are driven by the Salesforce platform. One example is Meds-to-Beds, which J2 implemented at SCL Health.

J2 Interactive’s long time involvement with healthcare interoperability projects gives us the background and expertise to deliver real-time, bi-directional exchange of data between Salesforce and legacy systems.

Automation of routine tasks means more efficient employees. J2’s team can create workflows to address business needs of any level of complexity. 

Apps like Marketing Cloud and Salesforce Patient Communities are designed for improved patient engagement, which results in better outcomes and fewer hospital readmissions. J2 also helps with the configuration and deployment of these apps.