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Healthix Expands Interoperability Capabilities of InterSystems HealthShare to Support Health Information Exchange for Over 20 Million People in New York


Logo for HealthixHealthix Integrates Data for More than 20+ Million Patients in New York

Healthix, the largest public Health Information Exchange (HIE) in the nation, serving New York City and Long Island, collects clinical data from more than 2,000 organizations across 8,000 healthcare facilities for +20 million patients. Healthix is devoted to developing, deploying, and operating innovative uses of interoperable health information technology and analytics to facilitate patient-centric care and promote improved healthcare quality, care coordination, and patient care outcomes for New Yorkers.

J2 Partners with Healthix to Launch the First InterSystems HealthShare HIE

J2’s relationship with Healthix dates back to 2007 when J2 helped the organization (then called LIPIX) become the first HealthShare HIE to go live in the U.S. Less than two years later, J2 implemented HealthShare at the Brooklyn Health Information Exchange (BHIX), which merged with Healthix in 2013. Over the years, through multiple periods of rapid change and transition, Healthix and its stakeholders have continued to rely on J2 for systems architecture, interface development, application development, analytics, systems support, project management, and strategic technology consulting.

J2 Expands HealthShare Core Capabilities As An Electronic Health Records Platform

In close collaboration with Healthix and InterSystems, J2 has extended HealthShare’s core capabilities to support a series of innovative features and programs for the benefit of the Healthix community:

  • Clinical repository and identity management for over 11 million patients
  • Bidirectional EHR interoperability with a growing list of vendors, including Allscripts, Cerner, eClinicalWorks, Epic, Netsmart, and NextGen
  • Single sign-on to accelerate provider adoption
  • Direct-enabled secure messaging to support Meaningful Use
  • Real-time clinical event notification
  • Health Home integration to facilitate care management for Medicaid patients
  • Health plan integration to enable HEDIS reporting and other quality measures
  • Functionality to support clinical research
  • Connectivity with the Statewide Health Information Network for New York (SHIN-NY)

One of J2’s most valuable contributions was building Healthix’s real-time clinical event notification service, which sends customizable alerts to care managers and clinicians on ED or inpatient admissions, hospital discharges, readmissions, death notifications, and other critical events. Healthix users can receive email alerts, as well as Summary of Care and Transition of Care documents from their hospital and physician referral partners, in several different ways:

  • On their smartphone or other devices, providing quick access to the Healthix Clinical Message Center and the patient’s entire longitudinal record
  • Via their Direct-enabled clinical inbox
  • Routed directly into their existing EMR or clinical information system

J2 And Healthix’s Ongoing Partnership Enables Participants to Meet the Requirements of Programs Like DSRIP

J2 continues to help Healthix develop new capabilities, such as electronic submission of care plans and electronic signing of clinical orders, that allow its providers to expedite the delivery of coordinated care. The work delivered by J2 is enabling Healthix not only to connect its ever-growing community to the Statewide Health Information Network for New York (SHIN-NY) but also to help its participants meet the requirements of incentive programs such as the New York State Medicaid Health Home Program and, more recently, the Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) Program. Innovations in development include using predictive analytics to identify patients with chronic health conditions and other risks so that they can be offered preventive care that improves wellness and reduces avoidable hospital admissions. These initiatives and other innovative services position Healthix as a trusted resource for improving patient outcomes and lowering costs in the State of New York.

To learn more about how, in collaboration with Healthix and InterSystems, J2 continues to extend HealthShare’s core capabilities to innovate for the benefit of New Yorkers and beyond, check out our customer profile.

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