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J2 Builds HealthShare-to-Salesforce Integration at SCL Health

SCL has connected its Epic clinical data repository with Salesforce Service Cloud, enabling personalized care for cardiac outpatients.

SCL Health needed a better way to track and coordinate care for cardiac patients needing extra attention following a cardiac event. While SLC Home Health staff were already using Salesforce Service Cloud to coordinate intake into the home health cardiac teaching program and document care delivered in the home, their Epic EHR wasn’t able to connect with it. Drawing upon our deep understanding of InterSystems and Salesforce technologies, J2 created a HealthShare adapter to forward Epic data to the Salesforce care coordination solution.

SCL_and_SF_logosTriggered by a home health order in Epic, SCL Home Health nurses now receive an email notifying them that a patient has been set up in Salesforce. Both demographics and ADT information, including home health orders, hospital discharges and allergies, are automatically available in the patient’s Salesforce record. This provides for more timely follow-up with patients as they transition from hospital to home. And while the information flow is currently one-way, from Epic to Salesforce, J2 will soon test sending Salesforce information back through HealthShare into a patient’s Epic chart.

As far as we know, this is the first time anyone has integrated HealthShare with Salesforce – but it won’t be the last. J2’s HealthShare / Salesforce adapter is a stand-alone component that can be easily deployed for future projects. And its usefulness doesn’t stop there. According to J2 Principal Consultant Karl Naden, who served as lead architect on the SCL project, future use cases include sending additional clinical information into Salesforce using push notifications, or pinging Salesforce to pull information back into the EHR. Josh Brandt, another Principal Consultant at J2 who did extensive work for SCL, agrees. “There is a wide application for this service,” Brandt says. “We’re excited because it can support any number of clinical workflows.”

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