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A single source of truth for clinical terminology across all of your applications

With J2’s managed terminology service, you can achieve semantic interoperability across your enterprise without the hassle of maintaining your own terminology server. A guided one-time setup process will get you up and running with a comprehensive, cloud-hosted terminology solution tailored to your specific needs. Once you’re live, you can let us worry about managing your mappings and free up your team to focus on other things.

It’s the peace of mind of knowing your entire network is speaking the same language around diagnoses, lab codes, and other key clinical terms—and it costs less than you think.

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J2 Managed Terminology is powered by the industry-leading HealthTerm terminology platform from CareCom. We bring our award-winning expertise in semantic interoperability to help you get the most out of the HealthTerm technology, with custom-built mappings to address all of your terminology gaps. Best of all, we provide a fully-managed HealthTerm environment in the cloud, so you get consistent vocabularies across the enterprise with none of the distractions.

Customer Profile: Big Sky Care Connect

Big Sky Care Connect (BSCC), the statewide health information exchange for Montana, has created a unified network of healthcare providers to improve and promote public health and individual patient outcomes throughout the state. BSCC selected a HealthTerm solution hosted by J2 because terminology services are critical for the HIE to provide consistent, normalized descriptions for diagnoses, labs, and other clinical data across all participating health systems’ EHRs and coding systems.

Customer Profile: MedBox

MedBox is a medication dispensing service that helps patients and their pharmacists manage prescriptions. The company chose J2 to integrate HealthTerm with pharmacy systems and Salesforce Health Cloud, enabling patients to more easily search MedBox’s extensive database of medications, vitamins, allergies, and medical conditions. The consistent terminology provided by HealthTerm allows patients to articulate their needs and medical histories so that their medications can be dispensed safely and accurately.

Customer Profile: Manifest MedEx

Manifest MedEx (MX), California’s largest nonprofit health data network, is one of J2’s largest HIE clients. When MX needed advanced terminology management for data normalization, mapping, and sensitive data handling, they selected HealthTerm. HealthTerm increases patient safety and security by delivering a defined, consistent, and precise terminology base for MX users. The standardized and normalized data ensures semantic coherence and consistency in diagnosis, treatment, quality assurance, and reporting across over 200 participant organizations serving a population of over 23 million.
J2 Managed Terminology

Semantic Interoperability, Simplified

It used to be that solving your terminology challenges required a daunting investment of time, money, and energy from your clinical staff. J2 Managed Terminology alleviates all of these burdens by maintaining a comprehensive set of semantic maps for you in the cloud. Starting with over 200 code libraries that come built-in with HealthTerm — including ICD10, LOINC, SNOMED, and RxNORM — our clinical analysts will help you build tailored terminology mappings for all of your clinical data sets, bringing all of your applications together to form a unified, accurate view of each patient.
The result is full data normalization, enhanced interoperability, improved quality measure reporting, and more trustworthy analytics across diverse populations.
“HealthTerm ensures that we deliver consistent descriptions for the disparate clinical data we receive so our participants can make effective decisions to improve patient care.”

Listen as Dave Kates, CTO of Manifest MedEx, explains the impact of full semantic interoperability on providers and patients across the State of California.

“There is a real focus by HIEs across the country to get the right data to the right clinician or care manager at the right time. That requires both quantity and quality data.”

We joined Todd Rogow, CEO of Healthix, along with Colin Hung of Healthcare IT Today and Tami Jones from CareCom to talk about the importance of data normalization and a commitment to data quality in health information exchange.

About HealthTerm

In this video from CareCom, learn more about how the HealthTerm platform addresses the terminology challenges faced by provider networks, payers, and health information exchanges.


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