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What’s New with Health Cloud: News from Salesforce World Tour

Salesforce World Tour DCSalesforce World Tour arrived to provide a day of learning and networking. A small group of our team at J2 attended the event to hear what’s new with Salesforce for healthcare and life sciences, and learn what’s currently top of mind in patient management for healthcare organizations.

First, what are healthcare organizations focused on to maximize the value of Salesforce for patient management? We attended sessions and joined in on many conversations throughout the day to learn what matters most to organizational leadership to help their teams continuously improve the way they serve their patients.

What’s Important

1. Simplifying the user experience of patient management

Healthcare providers shouldn’t be slowed down by a need to jump between multiple systems throughout the patient care process. This is where a patient management platform like Health Cloud can help simplify the technical process and allow providers to spend more time working with patients.

2. Greater insight to data to improve outcomes

Many healthcare organizations are looking to improve the way they gather and analyze data with a goal of improving care. Reporting tools are expanding our ability to gather actionable insights to our data with the help of AI.

3. Improving communication with patients

Communication between providers and patients is essential to improving outcomes and increasing overall satisfaction. Having access to a 360° view of the patient allows for better care management, and can break down silos across organizations. Organizations can leverage a connection between tools like Health Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Community Cloud to not only manage patients, but also automate communication flows to allow patients and providers to interact seamlessly and improve the overall patient experience.

What’s New

Next, a look at what’s new with the Spring ‘19 release of Salesforce Health Cloud:

1. Social Determinants of Health Insights

This new feature became available to Health Cloud customers after the Spring ‘19 release upgrade, with new objects to support a robust new data model. The goal is to allow organizations to capture and track social determinants of health to create efficiencies around serving all patients/members, by understanding patterns and building solutions.

2. Referral Management

There are two components to the referral management update with the Spring ‘19 release – one is a feature available through the Health Cloud permission set license, and the other is a set of reports available in an unmanaged package:

  • Referral Management in Health Cloud allows for support of multi-channel referrals, tracking from submission to closure. There are two referral records, one tied to Leads, and one tied to Opportunities, with record types for patient referrals as well as additional fields on related objects to support referral management.
  • Reporting insights on referral patterns and outcomes include scores for top referers, referral priority, and closure tracking to allow your organization to close the loop on the referral process.

3. Patient Care Campaigns (Patient Journeys)

This is a feature we’re particularly excited about, as it leverages the power of Health Cloud and Marketing Cloud combined to deliver a high quality patient experience. The update allows for utilizing the multi-dimensional filtering of the Patient List to enroll patients in campaigns. The goal here is to meet patients where they are, and deliver the right messages at the right time to create a personalized, dynamic engagement experience.

You can read more about what’s new with the Health Cloud in the Salesforce Spring ‘19 Release Notes.

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