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J2 covers a wide range of topics related to healthcare IT, interoperability, and CRM for healthcare and life sciences organizations.
Learn how technology can help with patient engagement and how patient engagement should be used to improve the patient experience.
A simplified explanation of why semantic interoperability is important in healthcare settings.
Combining the information from clinical and non-clinical systems and using AI can result in better outcomes for high-risk patients.
As a consulting firm that has been involved with hundreds of large healthcare IT projects for two decades, we at J2 Interactive have seen many technological shifts over the years—at clinics, hospitals, health systems, and HIEs.
Patient aftercare can be facilitated and improved using Omni-Channel, which is a component of Salesforce Service Cloud.
2021 marks the seventh year of SHIEC! We are excited to be both back in person and viewing the sessions virtually. Join us over the upcoming days as we recap selected sessions from this year’s events! Today - day three.

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