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J2 covers a wide range of topics related to healthcare IT, interoperability, and CRM for healthcare and life sciences organizations.
Welcome to J2’s Healthcare IT Talk, where we chat with industry leaders on the topic of information technology in healthcare and life sciences. Today our theme is interoperability in healthcare with guest Steve Heard, Vice President of Technology at J2 Interactive. Healthcare IT is complicated. To understand why Steve breaks down the unique data complexities that make healthcare different from other industries.
Healthcare software uses complex medical terminology, and every system has its own version. Confused about how to get them to interact? We’ve got you covered.
An overview of clinical terminology codes, clinical care classification codes, and procedural codes for billing and claims.
As a medical device manufacturer's business grows, managing customer support cases in the inbox becomes unwieldy. Here's a better way.
Experience Cloud from Salesforce has expanded the concept of a healthcare portal from a transactional one to an experiential one.
In a competitive environment, Salesforce can help your clinical lab stand out via more proactive communications with clients.

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