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Harnessing Python in InterSystems IRIS for Health: A Guide to Best Practices

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As a principal solution architect, I always look forward to the technical sessions at InterSystems Global Summit every year. One of the sessions I found the most interesting was one on Embedded Python Best Practices and News. InterSystems IRIS for Health is a powerful platform known for its robust data management and interoperability capabilities. With […]

Enhancing AI Security in Production: Key Insights on LLMs and RAG

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As AI technologies transition from experimental phases to full-scale production environments, understanding and implementing robust security measures is crucial. At InterSystems Global Summit 2024, Omar Santos, Distinguished Engineer at Cisco, delivered a presentation on securing AI implementations, focusing on the challenges and solutions pertinent to deploying large language models (LLMs) like Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG). For […]

Introducing Yoky, AI for RFPS: An InterSystems Global Summit Recap

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As J2’s Director of Application Development, I was excited to attend InterSystems Global Summit this year—especially with all the talk around AI. The reality lived up to the hype as Global Summit included many excellent demonstrations and seminars to this effect. One of the sessions I found the most interesting was titled “How We Used […]