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Cedars-Sinai Medical Center


Cedars Sinai Medical Center LogoCedars-Sinai Medical Center is the pre-eminent hospital in the Los Angeles area and one of the leading centers for healthcare and research in the United States. The organization boasts over 2,000 physicians whose expertise covers almost every clinical specialty.

Cedars brought in J2 to assist its systems integration team with a large-scale conversion of legacy eGate interfaces to the InterSystems Ensemble platform (now Health Connect). Over the course of the next several years, J2’s interface developers, clinical analysts, and project managers worked seamlessly alongside Cedars’ internal resources on a broad range of aggressively paced integration projects.

Based on our success in a staff augmentation role, Cedars engaged J2 to help with a massive conversion from GE Centricity and IDX to EpicCare Ambulatory EMR. One of the most ambitious projects of its kind, the year-long conversion effort required the faithful migration of over three years of physician practice clinical data—over 42 million distinct records in all. J2’s team of analysts, software developers, and interface engineers was responsible for the design, implementation, and testing of 17 distinct data conversion interfaces, including Registration, Scheduling, Allergies, Cardiology, Immunizations, Labs, Medications, Problems, Radiology, and Vitals. For the Registration and Scheduling conversions from IDX, J2 built robust Ensemble interfaces including patient MRN queries against Cedars’ enterprise-wide master patient index. For each of the clinical conversions, J2 built PL/SQL extract scripts to pull data out of Centricity, Ensemble interfaces to import the extracted records, Caché Object Script classes to package the relational data into well-formatted HL7 and associated RTF and PDF documents, and Epic Bridges interfaces to receive the HL7 from Ensemble.

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