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Founded in 1978, InterSystems has provided the core technology upon which the world’s most advanced healthcare IT applications are based for over 35 years. Over three million healthcare professionals in over 100 countries rely on InterSystems for their primary database and related technology, and InterSystems is the information infrastructure technology at the heart of over 100 of the best-known and widely used application solutions in the healthcare industry. We’re immensely proud of our relationship with InterSystems because InterSystems consistently proves its unwavering commitment to supporting customers over the long term while aggressively pursuing a path of continuous technology innovation.

InterSystems’ strategic interoperability platform, HealthShare, is built on Caché, the world’s most widely used technology platform in healthcare, and is powered by the award-winning Health Connect application and data integration product. HealthShare components include a composite health record, patient identity management, clinical messaging, provider directory, terminology translation services, a web-based clinical viewer, and analytics capabilities that leverage InterSystems’ DeepSee technology.

Since becoming an InterSystems Implementation Partner in 2004, no firm has compiled a longer or more impressive track record of success with InterSystems projects than J2. The dozens of projects we’ve done over the years illustrate not only our expertise with every facet of the InterSystems technology platform, but also the strength of our relationship with InterSystems. Both in the U.S. and overseas, InterSystems has entrusted J2 to make some of its most strategic clients successful—usually on our own, but often in close collaboration with InterSystems resources. We’ve worked side-by-side with InterSystems’ sales, implementation, product management, and support teams on project after project, always ready to do whatever it takes to achieve positive outcomes for our mutual clients. We’ve even helped InterSystems’ product development team by delivering HealthShare product enhancements, time-critical certification projects, and demonstrations of capability such as the annual IHE Connectathon.

J2 Interactive

J2 Interactive is an award-winning software development and IT consulting firm that specializes in customized solutions for healthcare and life sciences.