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Northgate Public ServicesNorthgate Public Services is a software and outsourcing business headquartered in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, UK, with extensive experience in the public sector. Their clients include government agencies, local authorities, the police and emergency services, hospitals, transport providers, and utilities. They also work with housing providers in the UK and internationally. They help to rethink public service delivery, build seamless connections, and put vital information in the hands of those who need it.

Northgate enlisted J2 to assist its internal team with the design, development, testing, and troubleshooting of Ensemble productions, interfaces, web services, custom workflows, and other application features related to its Athena project. Athena, the first program of its kind in the UK and the country’s largest investment in police technology in the last decade, aims to revolutionize police collaboration by bringing forces together to connect information, align processes, and share costs. Forces linked to Athena are able to offer better protection to communities as well as improved crime prevention and detection.

Since completing our initial assignment, J2 provided Northgate with systems configuration and best-practices consulting services to ensure that the Ensemble infrastructure underlying Athena was fully optimized, fault-tolerant, and well-documented for ongoing maintenance by Northgate’s internal staff.

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