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pmg LogoPriority Management Group (PMG) is the revenue cycle management expert for community health centers across the United States. Offering revenue cycle management and billing solutions and consulting and training services since 1998, PMG helps clients optimize their revenue cycle and increase cash flow. By helping increase revenue from third-party payers, PMG allows community health centers to better deliver care to the uninsured and underinsured.

PMG brought in J2 to review its legacy data capture processes for handling revenue cycle exceptions and develop a high-level technical architecture and implementation plan for automating these processes using InterSystems Caché and Ensemble. In close collaboration with PMG, we designed and architected a custom workflow solution that leverages InterSystems technology to automate various tasks while providing ample opportunity for end-user review and intervention via a Zen web application. J2 also built a broader portal framework that consolidates user authentication and other shared functions for the workflow application and other planned applications.

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