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Rady Children’s Hospital – San Diego


Rady Children's Hospital - San Diego LogoRady Children’s Hospital-San Diego is a 551-bed pediatric care facility providing the largest source of comprehensive pediatric medical services in San Diego, southern Riverside, and Imperial counties. Rady Children’s is the only hospital in the San Diego area dedicated exclusively to pediatric healthcare and is the region’s only designated pediatric trauma center.

Rady Children’s reached out to J2 to help lead and execute a large-scale migration of over 125 interfaces from eGate to InterSystems Ensemble (now Health Connect). Working in close collaboration with Rady’s internal team, J2 developed the overall project plan, instituted best practices for interface architecture and development, and took primary responsibility for the migration effort.  By applying J2-developed tools for interface migration and testing, J2 was able to convert eGate interfaces to Ensemble quickly and accurately, with minimal impact on end-users. J2’s expert knowledge of both eGate and Ensemble enabled us to complete many complex interfaces in a short amount of time, achieving a binary match between the messages generated by Ensemble and the legacy eGate output.

In addition to helping Rady Children’s convert all of their legacy eGate interfaces, J2 has helped Rady enhance their interface monitoring and alerting capabilities. Once again, pre-built tools provided by J2 provided a framework that our team quickly adapted to Rady’s specific needs.  The result is a real-time notification process that dramatically reduces the risk of interface downtime.

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