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Seattle Children's HospitalSeattle Children’s Hospital specializes in meeting the unique physical, emotional and developmental needs of children from infancy through young adulthood. Together with Seattle Children’s Research Institute and Seattle Children’s Hospital Foundation, SCH delivers superior patient care, advances new discoveries and treatments through pediatric research, and serves as the pediatric and adolescent academic medical referral center for Washington, Alaska, Montana, and Idaho—the largest region of any children’s hospital in the country.

SCH brought in J2 to take on a time-critical project that involved converting over 220 Secure FTP interfaces from eGate to InterSystems Ensemble (now Health Connect). J2’s team made quick work of these interfaces, completing the project several hundred hours under budget and six weeks ahead of SCH’s already aggressive schedule. J2 also developed a Zen application to help SCH staff create and manage Ensemble monitoring alerts, greatly simplifying the process and eliminating manual errors.

In parallel with the FTP interface migration, J2 provided resources to help SCH complete a number of time-sensitive Ensemble integration projects. In addition, to change requests and maintenance for deployed Ensemble interfaces, our work included several more complex conversions of legacy code to Ensemble, such as:

  • Record insertions into an external database using the Ensemble Java Gateway and custom stored procedures
  • A custom interface for loading and normalizing SCH provider demographics
  • Streamlining of a legacy feed to the Washington Department of Health, making it easier to maintain and enhance
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