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UPHS – Marquette LogoAs a 222-bed specialty care hospital, UP Health System – Marquette receives patients from across the UP and provides care in 65 specialties and subspecialties. Its medical staff of more than 200 doctors works as a team with its more than 1,800 employees in caring for approximately 9,000 inpatients and more than 350,000 outpatients per year.

Marquette enlisted J2’s help to implement InterSystems’ HealthShare Patient Index. J2’s work included:

  • Configuration of HSPI in both test and production environments
  • Loading of over 300,000 patients into HSPI, including both an initial load and incremental loads to cover “gap periods” between project initiation and go-live
  • A data quality analysis and normalization exercise
  • Creation of all required exception rules within HSPI
  • HSPI tuning, including agreement and disagreement weights, linking thresholds, etc.
  • Development of an ADT interface for HSPI to receive real-time MPI updates for three UPHS facilities from athenahealth
  • Creation of Caché ObjectScript functions to allow other Ensemble interfaces (now Health Connect) to query HSPI for patient IDs

In addition to project management and implementation, J2 was also responsible for conducting hands-on mentoring and knowledge transfer throughout the project to instill best practices and build self-sufficiency among Marquette’s internal staff.

Since completing the original HSPI implementation, J2 has provided Marquette with ongoing support for both HSPI and Ensemble, as well as staff augmentation to help build new Ensemble Interfaces. J2 has also developed several custom user interfaces in Zen to allow end-users to update patient IDs in HSPI as part of their duplicate resolution process.

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