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Lincolnshire NHS is committed to improving the quality of health and care services provided in Lincolnshire and boosting health and well-being for all of their residents. They do this by working together, across all organizations from general practice to mental health, and side by side with patients, to create services fit for the future.

Lincolnshire NHS selected InterSystems HealthShare to power the Care Portal initiative, with J2 serving as InterSystems’ implementation partner for the project. In close collaboration with InterSystems, J2 designed and built a platform for Lincolnshire NHS that provides patient data to hospital and clinical staff via a full-featured web interface. Behind the scenes, the Care Portal combines data from all providers within the county, creating a single, complete record that is easy to read and understand. This single record eliminates the need for redundant tests and x-rays, saving a projected £23 million over five years. J2’s responsibilities included establishing Lincolnshire NHS’ HealthShare systems infrastructure, developing the necessary interfaces to integrate participant data, and customizing the Care Portal user interface to meet the Lincolnshire NHS community’s specific requirements.

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