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Conduent LogoConduent delivers mission-critical services and solutions on behalf of businesses and governments. Conduent solutions and services automate workflows, improve efficiencies, reduce costs, and enable revenue growth. Their differentiated services and solutions improve experiences for millions of people, including two-thirds of all insured patients in the US, 10 million employees who use its HR Services, and nearly nine million people who travel through toll systems daily.

J2 has provided IT consulting and software implementation services to Conduent in support of its Midas Care Management Platform product and on a staff augmentation basis.

Midas Health Analytics Solutions helps health organizations use patient-centric data to manage, measure, and monitor everything from quality to patient safety to improve financial and clinical outcomes.

J2’s first assignment was to extend the integration capabilities of Digital Nurse Assistant (DNA), a mobile application that helps nurses manage work lists and respond to their patients’ urgent needs in real-time. After conducting a best-practices review and presenting our architectural recommendations, we built an Ensemble (now Health Connect) integration framework that connects DNA to hospital information systems, enabling up-to-the-minute sharing of patient status across the entire care team. More than just a set of interfaces, the Ensemble framework includes a robust monitoring and alerting engine and an underlying class model that supports a clean division between core product APIs and installation-specific business rules.  (A brief DNA overview and demo can be found in InterSystems’ online video library.)

Building on our success with DNA, we were asked to assist the Midas Platform development team with a number of application development and integration projects for its Midas Live clinical surveillance solution. Our work on Midas Live has included:

  • Establishment of best practices around Ensemble configuration and integration architecture
  • Design and implementation of a comprehensive data model for clinical quality measures (CQM), optimized for Meaningful Use features and CMS reporting
  • Development of canonical HL7 and flat-file specifications and interfaces for the integration between third-party EHRs and the CQM data model, supporting 29 data measures used in Meaningful Use Stage 2 reporting requirements
  • Creation of an Ensemble process manager that maps over 40 distinct categories of client-specific codes to industry standards, determines which encounters are eligible for Meaningful Use measures, and generates CMS reports
  • Introduction of our Subversion-based source code control solution, which integrates Subversion directly within the Ensemble development environment and supports structured code promotion from development sandboxes to test, staging, and production environments
  • Mentoring and knowledge transfer to Midas internal resources

J2’s contributions helped lay the groundwork for a strategic initiative to consolidate the entire Midas Health Analytics Solutions application suite onto a common technology platform that makes the best use of Ensemble for integration and workflow features.

Later, when Conduent needed its Care Management User Interface to be updated from its previous look and legacy architecture, the company brought J2 back to implement a modernization initiative, focusing on improving the interface’s deployment, release build, and Caché development environment.

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