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ACM Global Laboratories

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ACM Global Laboratories, an affiliate of Rochester Regional Health, is a recognized leader in medical diagnostic and global clinical trial testing services. ACM operates in more than 65 countries worldwide, with wholly-owned facilities in the US, England, China, India, and Singapore. Their full-time staff of laboratory experts performs more than 20 million tests annually, spanning all medical disciplines.

As ACM grew, the organization identified opportunities to centralize account management. Implementing Salesforce Sales Cloud and Salesforce Shield promised to improve project workflows, approvals, activity tracking, and overall status reporting. Centralizing this information would also shore up ACM’s business intelligence capabilities.

To complete this work, ACM brought in J2 Interactive as their consulting partner.

J2’s implementation of Sales Cloud with various custom object configurations has transformed ACM’s practices, allowing the lab to:

  • Convert opportunities to clinical studies with corresponding services
  • Track studies with a study tracker
  • View dashboards to understand study progression and blockages
  • Track amendments on contracts
  • Create tasks and updates based on tracker stages

With J2’s Salesforce Shield implementation, ACM can manage and assess threats, encrypt their platform and view audit history.

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