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Golden 1 Credit Union is California’s leading financial cooperative and the seventh-largest credit union in the U.S. With over $14 billion in assets and one million members, Golden 1 has 72 branches, 240 ATMs, and 30,000 CO-OP ATMs nationwide.

J2 has completed a variety of projects for Golden 1, ranging from process and report development using InterSystems Caché technology to custom integration add-ons.

J2 implemented a process that helps Golden 1 apply account levies under the Federally Assisted State Transmitted (FAST) Levy program, a way to collect child support with the goal of efficiently moving funds from the financial institutions to the states for child support distribution. This process is similar to the tax levy process implemented for the IRS.

For another project, J2 augmented Golden 1’s response to the global COVID-19 pandemic. As part of their response, Golden 1 has offered a number of benefits to their members. They waived fees (late fees, overdraft, etc.) for an extended period of time and moved negative balances aside temporarily so those funds wouldn’t be deducted from the recent round of COVID-19 stimulus checks. J2 built reports to provide various departments at Golden 1 with the information they needed to support both of these initiatives.

Finally, J2 assisted Golden 1 in implementing a number of enhancements to their loan origination system, LoansPQ. This included member outreach applications and a logging framework for monitoring the system.

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