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Community Psychiatry Program for Research in Implementation and Dissemination of Evidence-Based Treatments (PRIDE) brings to bear the breadth of resources that exist within Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) to provide excellence in training, coaching, and research for underserved and vulnerable populations.

The Challenge

When MGH PRIDE needed a platform for training paraprofessionals on intervention techniques and capturing the outcome data of at-risk youth for research and refine intervention methodologies, they brought in J2 Interactive to implement Salesforce Experience Cloud and myTrailhead.

The Solution

J2 implemented a model for youth & staff at MGH PRIDE to access appropriate training information. J2 developed a paraprofessional community to access youth demographic information, training, and Total Error Band (TEB) measures. myTrailhead was configured and staff were trained on how to create myTrailhead content.

The Results

J2’s work has given MGH PRIDE:

  • Use of a mass/batch survey send tool
  • Access to reports and dashboards
  • Administration and training support
  • Application support & enhancements
  • Integration with three partner organizations

Now, MGH PRIDE’s staff is better prepared to help at-risk youth receive the help they deserve. In addition, MGH PRIDE is offering Mental Health classes built on the Salesforce platform we helped them implement.

J2 Interactive

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