Coordinate My Care (CMC), an NHS clinical service hosted by The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust, is driving the cultural and operational change required to integrate, coordinate, and improve urgent and palliative care for patients across London. As shown in this brief video, CMC helps patients record their views and wishes within electronic personalised urgent care plans, and ensures that those care plans are available to all those who care for them: doctors, nurses, social care, and emergency services including the Ambulance Service, NHS 111 and the Out of Hours GP service. CMC empowers patients by helping them understand and choose among their care options and making sure that these choices are respected by connecting primary care providers (GP Practices, care homes, hospices, and palliative care teams) and urgent care providers (ambulance services, 111, OOH and A&E) via care plans created in consultation with patients and their families.

In early 2015, CMC selected InterSystems to deliver a new and improved system for care plan management and care coordination across its community of over 80 healthcare organisations. InterSystems turned to J2 to implement the solution on the HealthShare platform. Within the span of just eight months, the joint InterSystems / J2 team completed Phase 1 of the project, which included the following system features and capabilities:

J2’s team in the UK played a critical role in the project delivery effort, which included HealthShare environment setup and configuration, implementation of all integration points and application functionality, and migration of legacy provider, patient, and care plan data into the new system. Moreover, J2 resources in both the US and the UK were instrumental in product testing, data validation, and the development of specialized e-learning materials for CMC end users. The result was a highly accessible and easy-to-use solution that not only supported the key workflows of several distinct user roles, but also fulfilled a complex array of information governance, privacy, consent, and security requirements.

Upon completion of the initial phase, CMC turned immediately toward its next set of critical goals, assisted by InterSystems and J2:

Fulfilling end-of-life wishes is an often overlooked detail when providing urgent care to the elderly or critically ill patients. With help from J2, CMC has made it possible for families to ensure that their loved ones’ wishes will be respected because their care plans are available when clinicians and care providers need them most.

You can read all about our work for CMC in our customer profile.