LifeLabs LogoLifeLabs is a Canadian-owned company with over 50 years of experience providing laboratory testing services to help healthcare providers diagnose, treat, monitor, and prevent disease. In communities across British Columbia and Ontario, LifeLabs delivers cost-effective, convenient access to laboratory testing services, which are essential for optimal outcomes in healthcare. LifeLabs delivers over 100 million laboratory tests, supporting 19 million patient visits annually. In 2013, LifeLabs acquired BC Biomedical in British Columbia and CML HealthCare in Ontario, making LifeLabs the largest community laboratory in Canada.

The work undertaken by J2 for LifeLabs encompasses a broad range of integration and application development projects on the HealthShare Foundation platform, including:

Since the acquisition of CML HealthCare by LifeLabs, J2 has built interfaces to allow bi-directional communication of orders and results between the two organizations. Additional integration work by J2 is helping LifeLabs continue to operate as a single integrated entity.