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Meds-to-Beds ROI Calculator

Meds-to-Beds CalculatorA Meds-to-Beds program identifies patients at high risk for readmission due to lack of adherence to medications and other treatment follow-ups.

Bedside delivery of prescriptions creates a situation in which pharmacy staff can directly answer patients’ questions. Staff members can make sure that patients understand how to take their medications correctly.

With an increased rate of in-house prescriptions, the number of hospital readmissions will decrease.

J2 designed a workflow application for SCL Health that shares data from the hospital’s EMR and outpatient pharmacy platform with Salesforce Service Cloud.

Salesforce alerts the pharmacy staff when patients are leaving the hospital, so that the first outpatient refills can be delivered bedside.

Other healthcare organizations have expressed interest in implementing a workflow similar to that of SLC Health. However, they first wanted to better understand the potential return on investment. Because of that, we created the following ROI calculator.

Using the M2B Calculator

Start by entering the current number of outpatient prescriptions. Then, enter the average revenue per prescription.

Use the capture rate slider to determine the annual increase in revenue based on prescription volume and average price:

“J2 has been a collaborative partner in our Salesforce development efforts. They are always willing to explore the unknown, and design thoughtful and clinically integrated technologies that help us deliver innovative solutions to complex healthcare problems.”
Terri Casterton
Director, Innovation & Virtual Health
SCL Health