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3.3 Million People in Dubai Now Have Access To All Their Medical Information, Thanks to NABIDH 

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, November 29, 2020—The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) announced today Phase 1 of the NABIDH initiative, Dubai’s HIE and Population Health Program that enables healthcare professionals to securely access unified medical records from both private and public medical facilities in Dubai. The goal? Regardless of what medical facility a patient visits, their file will seamlessly be available electronically across all facilities.

Phase 1 of the project includes the DHA and several Mediclinic hospitals and clinics, with about 1.12 million files currently online as part of the initiative. Phase 2, planned for the first quarter of 2021, will include many other private hospitals. The full implementation is planned to happen over a three-year period with goals to positively impact efficient healthcare delivery in Dubai.

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