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Healthix Achieves New Laboratory Data Connections for COVID-19 Response

NEW YORK, NY, February 22, 2021—New York’s largest health information exchange, Healthix, has completed twenty laboratory connections in just a few short weeks, with twenty-seven in line to go live soon. This work is in accordance with the executive order of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo in response to COVID-19.

As stated by Cuomo in his executive order:

Within 60 days of this Order, all clinical laboratories permitted by the Department of Health pursuant to Article 5, Title 5 of the Public Health Law, and having more than 25 employees, must become qualified entity participants and connect to the SHIN-NY through a qualified entity, and must allow private and secure bi-directional access to patient information by other qualified entity participants authorized by law to access such patient information, pursuant to Part 300 of Title 10 of the NYCRR. (11.12.20)

Healthix has worked with J2 to achieve this lab connectivity within the aggressive timeline. For more details, visit their website.

For more information on the work J2 has done with Healthix, check out our customer profile.

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