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California’s Manifest MedEx Achieves NCQA Data Aggregator Validation Status

EMERYVILLE, CA, February 24, 2021—Manifest MedEx (MX) fulfilled NCQA’s Data Aggregator Validation (DAV) program requirements, earning the NCQA status of Validated with Exception. Only three other data aggregators in the country have earned this distinction.

MX is California’s nonprofit health data network that serves more than 120 hospitals, 700 ambulatory care sites, and seven health plans for over 25 million Californians today. With the NCQA status, MX data from approved sources can now be used as standard supplemental data for Healthcare and Efficiency Data Information Set (HEDIS®), allowing more efficient quality reporting for health plans and providers within MX’s network.

“Manifest MedEx is committed to reducing the burden of quality reporting and providing high-quality data so that health plans and providers can devote time and energy to what matters most — supporting and caring for patients,” said Claudia Williams, CEO of MX. “Earning this credential is a step towards our larger vision of streamlining data sharing across health plans, providers, hospitals, and public agencies to improve health and healthcare for patients and communities throughout California.”

Read the full article on MX’s website.

For more information about the work J2 has done with MX, please check out our MX customer profile.

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