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Infix: Glasgow tech start-up plans national roll-out

GLASGOW, Scotland, June 28, 2023 —After saving NHS Lothian around £2 million by cutting hospital waiting lists, Scottish start-up Infix has announced deals with two new health boards and a partnership with American tech company InterSystems.

Infix’s products include cloud-based software Infix: Schedule, which improves the efficiency of surgical operating theaters and tackles patient waiting list backlogs, and a virtual portal Infix: Preop to optimize the patient pathway.

Thanks to the two deals, NHS Highland and NHS Forth Valley will now use Infix’s cloud-based software. Infix Support chief executive Dr. Matthew Freer said the company hopes to work with all 14 Scottish health boards by the end of the year.

Infix: Schedule integrates in real-time with the NHS’s electronic patient records system, Trakcare, and automatically books operations based on the urgency of each case and how long each patient has been waiting. This process was a process previously done manually by staff. InterSystems owns the Trakcare product, and the partnership between the two companies will support Infix’s customers on a global level.

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