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Physician Referral ROI Calculator

Physician Referral ROI CalculatorBefore making an investment in any technology, it’s important to look at both the potential revenue and expected cost sides of the equation.

Salesforce Health Cloud is used by many different types of healthcare organizations to increase physician referrals.

The following calculator will help you determine the potential return on investment of Salesforce, when used for the purpose of increasing physician referrals.

There may be other applications for Health Cloud within your organization. The calculator is focused on just one.

The first section of the calculator is for estimating additional revenue. The second section is for estimating cost. We included placeholder values—please overwrite these with your own numbers. Then click the Calculate button.

This can also be viewed as your goal for additional annual referrals.
The number of people who will be using Salesforce to manage a database of physicians and to manage outreach activities with physicians.
Salesforce Health Cloud lists for $300 per user per month. This price can go down with a multi-year commitment.
The estimated per user cost of professional services for the Salesforce Health Cloud implementation. This includes items such as configuration, data migration and user training. This does not include integration.
All CRM systems, including Salesforce, involve some level of ongoing administration. If a $80,000 staff member will devote 10% of their time to CRM administration, enter $8,000.
A commitment to CRM is almost always a multi-year proposition. As such, we recommend selecting three or more years.

Note that this calculated estimate is a high level figure. Please contact us for a more finely-tuned estimate based on a deeper analysis of your organization’s requirements.

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