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8 Leading Salesforce AppExchange Apps for Healthcare

Salesforce’s AppExchange is a marketplace of thousands of third-party apps, dozens of which are purpose-built extensions for healthcare and life science operations. 

As Salesforce puts it, these apps “extend the power of Salesforce Health Cloud, the world’s #1 CRM reimagined for healthcare and life sciences.”

Salesforce Health Cloud Interface

AppExchange also has industry-agnostic apps that are applicable within a healthcare setting. An example is a secure web form app used by organizations in many industries.

When addressing specific data and relationship management requirements within a healthcare environment, there is sometimes a question of ‘build vs. buy.’ In other words, should an organization pay developers to create functionality from scratch? Or is there an off-the-shelf third-party app that can deliver most of the required functionality?

Below is a sampling of popular apps administrators can apply to Salesforce in healthcare settings. At J2 Interactive, we have deployed several of the following solutions at customer sites.

Cloudbyz CTMS

Cloudbyz CTMS is an integrated clinical trial management application built 100% on Salesforce App Cloud. 

Benefits include reducing overall clinical trials cost and time, improving accuracy and speed in clinical data collection, and increasing recruitment speed.


FormStack is a drag and drop form builder that runs natively within Salesforce. Form submissions go directly into Salesforce standard or custom objects with no middle layer. Security features include reCAPTCHA and compliance for HIPAA, FedRamp, and FERPA.

Healthcare applications include patient intake, screenings, referrals, and feedback.


Folderize is a cross-industry app that organizations can use to better manage and control files within Salesforce.

Folderize provides hierarchical unlimited folders of unlimited depth for any of the Salesforce clouds, including Health Cloud. In addition, a Salesforce administrator can set permissions on folders. 

Eligibility Checker

Eligibility Checker gives hospital and health system users direct and secure access to over 850 health payers from the Salesforce platform, including Medicare and Medicaid.

Users can check eligibility and benefits, obtain real-time authorizations, check referrals, and more.


SiteCall helps with field support of medical devices by providing video diagnostics to a help desk technician.

The same technology connects providers and patients with live two-way video and Omni-Channel for diagnoses and corrective actions.

AIR Engage Telehealth

AIR Engage allows users to schedule, update, and initiate video sessions inside Salesforce Health Cloud. In addition, Salesforce users can send secure, individualized meeting links to attendees. There is no need to download additional applications or toggle between windows.

Security features include HIPAA/BAA compliance, 256 AES Encryption, customizable permissions and restrictions, detailed security logging, penetration testing, and automated operating system patching and verification.

CareIQ Care Management

CareIQ Care Management integrates evidence-based guidelines within Salesforce Health Cloud to deliver automated assessment and care plan workflows for informing clinical decision support.

Care managers gain access to consolidated information on a single screen, facilitating individualized care plans for patients. Technology integrations include MCG Chronic Care Guidelines and Transitions of Care content.

J2 Native FHIR Gateway

J2 Native FHIR Gateway provides a quick and easy way to connect Electronic Health Record (EHR) and other systems to Salesforce Health Cloud, using the latest industry standards. Salesforce administrators can link EHR and other FHIR-enabled applications to Health Cloud.

Our software app frees developer teams from dealing with custom mappings and data transformations. Instead, team members can spend their time delivering applications that improve an organization’s ability to provide quality care.


Health Cloud customers can use Salesforce AppExchange apps to accelerate the deployment of critical business solutions.

Depending on the requirements, it may be worth analyzing the cost of building functionality rather than paying the subscription fees for an app.

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