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Hixny LogoThe Healthcare Information Xchange of New York (Hixny), a not-for-profit RHIO whose coverage area includes 17 counties in Northern New York, is composed of a diverse group of healthcare organizations including hospitals, physician practices, health plans, healthcare associations, government/education, and consumer/patient groups. The exchange serves over 2.2 million patients in New York and neighboring states. Hixny’s members include health plans representing over 750,000 members; major regional hospitals with over 4,000 beds; large physician groups representing over 600 physicians; healthcare associations representing 56 hospitals and over 30 health plans in New York State; a university/school of public health; and a consumer advocacy group.

When Hixny chose InterSystems’ HealthShare as the technology platform for its exchange, InterSystems assembled a joint project team of InterSystems and J2 resources to implement the solution. Once the exchange went live, knowledge transfer from J2 helped Hixny achieve self-sufficiency with the HealthShare platform.

Since assisting with Hixny’s initial HealthShare implementation, J2 has continued to play a key role on project after project, including:

  • Hixny’s interoperable HIE connection, which enabled the Adirondack Regional Health Information Exchange (ARCHIE) to migrate to the Hixny exchange
  • Implementation of IHE-based EMR interoperability to integrate nearly 200 small practice locations
  • Real-time delivery of alerts and notifications, triggered by critical patient events anywhere in the Hixny network, directly into each provider’s native EMR and workflow
  • Enhanced monitoring capabilities for tracking and auditing message activity across the exchange
  • Implementation of sophisticated custom business rules to fulfill the data-sharing requirements of Hixny’s various stakeholders

For more information, be sure to download Hixny’s customer profile.

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