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Lincolnshire’s Care Portal Improves Population Health Outcomes

Accountable Officer Gary James Discusses Impact of Innovative New Portal

Lincolnshire, UNITED KINGDOM, February 13, 2017 — In an interview in Healthcare IT News, Gary James of Lincolnshire Health and Care (LHAC) laid out his organisation’s vision for the future of care coordination and population management. Comprising 13 health and social care organisations, LHAC is planning for the challenges of caring for a diverse and aging population of over 700,000 patients in the East of England.

James explains that “information sharing [is] at the heart of our plans,” which is why establishing robust health information exchange across the LHAC network has been so critical.  Powered by InterSystems’ HealthShare interoperability platform, the LHAC Care Portal has been implemented and supported in large part by a team of J2 resources responsible for setting up the HealthShare infrastructure, developing interfaces with stakeholder systems, and customising the portal’s user interface to the specific needs of the Linconshire community.

The Care Portal provides access to patient data not only to hospital and clinical staff, but also to patients and their families.  Additionally, the new system helps clinicians avoid redundant tests and x-rays, with projected savings of £23 million over five years. With improved communication of clinical data and reduced duplicate tests all on a single cutting-edge platform, James concludes:  “In Lincolnshire, we are confident that our shared care record will enable us to establish a more joined up, sustainable health and care system.”

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