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More Than 100,000 Plans Registered on Coordinate My Care

LONDON, UK, July 9, 2020  To date, more than 100,000 plans have been made and shared securely on Coordinate My Care with Primary Care, Urgent Care Departments, and Care Homes because of InterSystems’ Health Share platform.

Coordinate My Care (CMC), an NHS clinical service hosted by The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust, is driving the cultural and operational change required to integrate, coordinate, and improve urgent and palliative care for patients across London. CMC helps patients record their views and wishes within electronic personalized urgent care plans, and ensures that those care plans are available to all those who care for them.

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In early 2015, CMC selected InterSystems to deliver a new and improved system for care plan management and care coordination across its community of over 80 healthcare organizations. InterSystems turned to J2 to implement the solution on the HealthShare platform.

For more information about the work J2 and InterSystems did with CMC, please check out our CMC customer profile.

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