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Lincolnshire NHS Care Portal: A Finalist In This Year’s HTN Awards

LINCOLN, UK, September 29, 2020 — The Lincolnshire NHS Care Portal has been selected by Health Tech Newspaper (HTN) as a finalist for the 2020 Health Tech Awards, where great technology and innovation making a difference across health and care is celebrated.

Lincolnshire, the second-largest county in England, has one in ten residents over the age of 70 and more than half of its population living in rural locations. Before their Care Portal, Lincolnshire grappled with the question: how could they share patient records across the county?

The idea for the Care Portal was first conceived in 2013 when Lincolnshire’s healthcare partner organizations undertook a major review aimed at transforming its health and social care services to explore how it could work more effectively with the third sector. Its goal was also to move healthcare out of hospitals, to situate it closer to patients’ homes wherever possible. As Lincolnshire’s healthcare leaders looked at how to bring together the myriad existing systems into a unified patient record, they realized they would have to overcome an increasingly significant challenge facing the health service – interoperability.

Lincolnshire selected InterSystems HealthShare to power their Care Portal initiative, with J2 serving as InterSystems’ implementation partner for the project. In close collaboration with InterSystems, J2 designed and built a platform for Lincolnshire, providing patient data to hospital and clinical staff via a full-featured web interface. Behind the scenes, the Care Portal combines data from all providers within the county, creating a single, complete record that is easy to read and understand.

HTN will announce the winners of the 2020 Health Tech Awards on October 22 during their innovative digital awards evening. More information about the awards and other finalists is available here.

If you want to learn more about work J2 has done with Lincolnshire, please check out our Lincolnshire customer profile.

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