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Coordinate My Care Integrates with NHS National Record Locator

LONDON, England, April 28, 2021—Coordinate My Care (CMC), the digital NHS urgent care planning service, integrated into the NHS National Record Locator (NRL) to connect 72,000 Londoners with existing CMC urgent care plans to all the urgent care services across England, allowing patients the ability to access their CMC plan wherever they are in the country.

CMC helps terminal patients record their views and wishes within electronic personalized urgent care plans, and ensures that those care plans are available to all those who care for them: doctors, nurses, social care, and emergency services including the Ambulance Service, NHS 111, and the Out of Hours GP service. CMC integration into the NRL is a huge step forward for the organization in achieving its goal to become a national urgent care planning service.

Read the full article on CMC’s website.

For more information about the work J2 has done with CMC, please check out our CMC customer profile.

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