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Steve McGlothlin

When it comes to normalizing to standards, lab test codes are particularly problematic. How did we get here and what's the solution?
A simplified explanation of why semantic interoperability is important in healthcare settings.
As a consulting firm that has been involved with hundreds of large healthcare IT projects for two decades, we at J2 Interactive have seen many technological shifts over the years—at clinics, hospitals, health systems, and HIEs.
Healthix, one of the largest public health information exchanges in the United States, selected the J2 Managed Terminology platform.
Clinical terminology FAQ from J2 Interactive, provider of the J2 Managed Terminology platform.
In this blog post, learn about SNOMED terminologies and ICD-10 classifications as we look at ways to normalize data between the two sets.
Healthcare software uses complex medical terminology, and every system has its own version. Confused about how to get them to interact? We’ve got you covered.
InterSystems has announced that Northwell Health, one of the largest private health systems in the United States, has released an application that aggregates, normalizes, and stores patient data to better track progress across the care continuum.