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The Shift From Legacy Clinical Terminology Management To The Intelligent Cloud

Technology Shift
As a consulting firm that has been involved with hundreds of large healthcare IT projects for two decades, we at J2 Interactive have seen many technological shifts over the years—at clinics, hospitals, health systems, and HIEs.

Overall Technology Shifts

While healthcare has lagged behind other industries in the transition from on-prem systems to cloud-based solutions, that transition is now accelerating.

With FHIR, the healthcare industry is adapting to modern APIs at an increasing rate.

Analytics, machine learning, AI, and other forms of automated intelligence are now bringing change to laborious efforts historically performed by expensive subject matter experts.

A similar shift now happening within clinical terminology management.

The New Way of Managing Clinical Terminology

Traditional methods for managing clinical terminology lack intelligent automated mapping functionality. They require a large team to manage, due to mostly manual processes.

At J2, we have experienced some of this pain first hand, as we have been involved with a number of projects that are based on what are now legacy technologies.

We knew that a more efficient method of maintaining an organization’s terminology was possible, so we developed J2 Managed Terminology.

In 2020, J2 partnered with Carecom and its HealthTerm product to create Managed Terminology. Before making this decision, we looked at challenges HIEs faced in functionality or tools needed to scale for their clients. It became clear that our clients wanted:

  • A single, unified product
  • Intelligent automated mapping
  • Reduced dependence on subject matter experts
  • Distributed workflow tailored to support HIE operation
  • Value in weeks, not months or years

Speed & Cost Savings

Cloud-based Managed Terminology is faster to deploy than traditional platforms. Plus, it costs less both in licensing and in FTEs.

Most of the complexity of mapping has been eliminated by intelligent automation. Manual intervention is the exception rather than the rule.

We can manage the library of standard code sets, including the application of periodic updates. You will be able to crosswalk from a local/custom code system to a standard code system.

J2 provides training and mentoring to get your team up to speed quickly. We’ll then remain at your team’s side for support. If you want to get to the finish line faster, our experienced terminology practice can provide mapping services.

A number of healthcare organizations across the U.S. have relied upon J2 to design, implement, and support their Managed Terminology solutions:

  • Big Sky Care Connect
  • Healthix
  • Manifest MedEx
  • Medbox

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