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Frederick Health Bolsters COVID-19 Response with J2’s Free Health Cloud Quick Start

Frederick Health COIVD-19 Screening

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced health care organizations to make significant adjustments to ensure the safety of their staff and patients. Frederick Health, a comprehensive healthcare provider with a 233-bed hospital and multi-specialty medical group in central Maryland, reacted swiftly to the crisis by setting up drive-through COVID-19 testing for employees, emergency first responders, and anyone who presented specific symptoms of the virus. If a person presents for testing but doesn’t fall into one of these categories, Frederick Health staff provides them with educational materials and sends them home.

While the new screening process allowed the Frederick Health team to handle the dramatic increase in patient cases caused by the virus, their manual documentation process was time-consuming. They were using paper to track each person they tested and sent home, requiring them to scan those documents one by one into their EMR later.

To give back to the community during the COVID-19 crisis, Salesforce announced a free Health Cloud offering for healthcare organizations to support their emergency response teams, call centers, and care management teams. Within days of that announcement, J2 launched our free Health Cloud Quick Start program. Designed to help COVID-19 response teams get up and running with Salesforce’s Health Cloud offering within five business days, J2’s Health Cloud Quick Start helps providers triage incoming calls, identify high-risk patients, and focus care teams on the cases that need them the most.

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Frederick Health was among the first organizations to bring their unique COVID-19 challenges to J2 and Salesforce. After a quick discovery exercise to finalize requirements, J2 kicked off the Quick Start project on a Monday afternoon. One week later, Frederick Health was live and supporting its COVID-19 response team with a collaborative and secure patient and task management platform built on Salesforce Health Cloud.

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A look into how Health Cloud powers COVID-19 screening triage at Frederick Health

“The Salesforce COVID-19 screening project was a great team effort from Frederick Health and J2…The Salesforce Health Cloud Quick Start program and J2 have quickly given Frederick Health the tools to adapt to the challenge of this pandemic.”

-Roman Geiser, Director of Telecommunications Strategy and Optimization, Frederick Health

J2’s Health Cloud solution eliminated Frederick Health’s manual documentation process by allowing care teams to triage patients with a simple Health Cloud application accessible from any laptop or phone. The system automatically determines whether a patient should be directed to the testing area or sent home based on their symptoms and status. Once the assessment is complete, the user can instantly send the results to the EMR via a RightFax virtual printer. Thanks to the collaboration between J2’s team and Frederick Health’s strong internal Salesforce admin, we were able to complete this integration in just two days.

J2 Interactive is an award-winning software development and IT consulting firm that specializes in customized solutions for healthcare and life sciences.

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J2 Interactive is an award-winning software development and IT consulting firm that specializes in customized solutions for healthcare and life sciences.