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In addition to ranking number 22 out of 75 companies in the Supplier/Vendor category of Modern Healthcare’s Best Places to Work for 2020, J2 ranked number 2 in the same category as one of the best places for millennials to work!
J2 Named One of Top 100 Places to Work in Healthcare for the Fifth Time
Big Sky Care Connect (BSCC) and Gov. Steve Bullock discussed the HIE’s roll-out plan in the upcoming months.
The Lincolnshire NHS Care Portal, which J2 and InterSystems helped implement, has been selected by Health Tech Newspaper (HTN) as a finalist for the 2020 Health Tech Awards.
The Healthix team, in partnership with J2 Interactive, designed a filter in Healthix’s Clinical Message Center to help members focus on a specific patient, type of alert (including COVID-19 Alerts), and more.
Healthix developed a way to uniquely identify homeless patients, many displaced by COVID-19, to improve their health outcomes by qualifying them for social services benefits, like public housing.