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J2 Named One of Top 100 Places to Work in Healthcare for the Seventh Time
Manifest MedEx (MX) has earned the Validated Data Stream designation after fulfilling the NCQA’s Data Aggregator Validation program requirements.
Colin Hung of Healthcare IT Today spoke with Healthix, one of the largest HIEs in the country, to learn about how they’re partnering with J2 Interactive and Carecom to implement J2 Managed Terminology to meet their semantic interoperability goals.
J2 Named One of Top 100 Places to Work in Healthcare for the Sixth Time
Manifest MedEx, California’s largest nonprofit health information network, completed an analysis of the impact of COVID-19 on healthcare utilization in California so that healthcare providers and leaders can address gaps and plan for future public health events.
Healthix, one of the largest public health information exchanges (HIE) in the United States, has selected the J2 Managed Terminology platform, a clinical terminology mapping solution powered by HealthTerm, to normalize clinical data across Healthix participants.